“A word that comes to my mind when I think of Capital Palace is “Extraordinary”.. Extraordinary in terms of quality, level of service including before and after purchase, and furniture style.. The management and team at Capital Palace is excellent and friendly.. They treat you as if it’s your home!”

- Mr. Bader Al Nasser

“The main reason why I always purchase from Capital Home is simply because it is the best.. American quality which you can trust.. As an interior designer, Capital Home always offers me the best solutions especially when it comes to sofas, which I believe is Capital Home’s specialty.. From sofa sizes, shapes, models, and fabric.. the variety is unlimited and the quality is superb.”

- Mr. Mohammed Janahi

“Capital Furnishing is furniture you can trust.. I’ve been buying from it for years because I see it as quality and family.. Everything is excellent.. For instance, the sales team is absolutely wonderful and is always so friendly and welcoming.”

- Mrs. Selwa Al Mahroos